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    Justice Jobs of Maryland, Inc.

    22 S. Market St., Suite 210

    Frederick, MD 21701
    (301) 360-3503


Justice Jobs - 
A Free Jobs Office

Updated Jan 24, 2021

  • Justice Jobs can help you get a job that you enjoy!  All services are free.  We never charge the employee or the employer.  Call (301) 360-3503!  

  • During the pandemic, we provide all services remotely
    by cell phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer.


    • Our volunteers meet with you by phone or Zoom.  If you are looking for work, call 301-360-3503 or email info@justicejobsmd.org.

    • Join our "Remote Services Program" now!!!  Call 301-360-3503 or email info@justicejobsmd.org.  

  • We'll make you a new or updated resume and bring hard copies to you to take on interviews.  We provide 1:1 assistance by phone or Zoom to apply for recent postings in business offices, health care, stocking, warehousing, construction, food service, and more.

  • People are getting hired!!!  We set records for hiring in May, June, and September.

  • Do not wait around....  If you get a job now, you put yourself in a more secure position.  Don't wait until everyone is looking.  Call today and start your job search!  301-360-3503 or info@justicejobsmd.org!

About Justice Jobs...

  • 120 applicants have been hired through Justice Jobs since we opened in August, 2018.  68 of those have been hired since the pandemic started!

  • Six months after hiring, approximately 60% of our applicants are still there or have moved up!

  • Some applicants have been promoted to supervisor or manager.  One is a warehouse manager for Aldi's.  Another works full-time as an alcoholism-drug abuse counselor.  Another is a mortgage loan specialist.

  • Most people hired through Justice Jobs now work at places like Dairy Maid Dairy, Home Goods, Common Market Coop, Gale Recovery, Serendipity Market, Principled Construction, Frederick County Public Schools, and the Frederick Hilton.

  • Justice Jobs always needs volunteers.  To learn how you can help, please contact our volunteer coordinator at info@justicejobsmd.org for more information.

Funded, in part, by:
  • The Ausherman Family Foundation
  • The Helen J. Serini Foundation
  • Frederick Community Foundation
  • NORI
Justice Jobs has earned Guidestar USA's Gold Standard Seal of Transparency

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