What Is Justice Jobs?

Justice Jobs of Maryland, Inc. is a jobs office and job retention support service in Frederick, MD.  We serve people in Frederick County who are reentering the workforce after being out of work for any reason. 

Justice Jobs prepares applicants, verifies their references, matches applicants to employers with open positions, and follows up with applicants and employers after interviews.  Initial placements are primarily at entry level, usually in the range of minimum wage up to as much as $17/hour. 

After placement, Justice Jobs' Move-UP Program maintains contact with hired employees for at least one year.  Employees receive connections, services, and mentorship, through workshops and mentoring relationships.  The short-term goal is advancement, optimization of employment, and achievement of a livable wage within 2-3 years.  The long-term goal is to mentor the employee into the working or middle class.

Local employers benefit from the work of Justice Jobs.  We send them pre-screened, reference-checked, qualified applicants who are matched to open positions and have demonstrated reliability and competence by completing Justice Jobs’ applicant training program. 

Justice Jobs of Maryland relies on volunteer and community support and is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.

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