• Bob Clegg

Our New Friends at COIPP

Justice Jobs is pleased to partner with Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP, www.coipp.org), a volunteer organization in Frederick County that fosters growth, resilience and hope in family members of loved ones who are or have been incarcerated. COIPP serves children of any age (from one to a hundred!) affected by having an incarcerated loved one.

Bob, Patty, and Shari put their heads together for a moment in Justice Jobs' new space at Centennial Memorial Methodist Church.

On February 5, our executive director met with Shari Scher and Patty McArdle of COIPP (at right). We discovered that COIPP and Justice Jobs serve many of the same people. Most Justice Jobs' applicants have either been incarcerated or are children or parents of a person who has been incarcerated. This makes COIPP a natural partner for Justice Jobs.

Each organization will make referrals for services the other organization can provide. COIPP will refer its clients to Justice Jobs for job counseling and placement. Justice Jobs will refer our applicants and hired employees to COIPP for children's activities and book offerings, caregiver workshops, "Parenting from Afar" classes for female inmates, FCC scholarships, reentry counseling for inmates and families, "Coffee with COIPP" meetings for people who are reconnecting, emergency gift cards for children, and more.

Justice Jobs is grateful for groups like COIPP that help people stabilize all areas of their lives. By helping the entire family, COIPP makes it much more realistic to think about "keeping that job, getting good references, and moving up to better jobs"!

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