• Bob Clegg

Our Friends Across the River

This morning, Justice Jobs was warmly welcomed by Carol, Yanci and Lisa at Crossroads Jobs in Leesburg, VA for a full dose of experience, strength and hope about the work we all do. Crossroads Jobs is our sister jobs office in Leesburg, VA, which opened in 2012. Since then, Carol and her co-workers have helped 265 people get and keep jobs in Loudoun County, VA. Both Justice Jobs and Crossroads Jobs are spin-offs from Jubilee Jobs in Washington, DC, which pioneered the free jobs office model in this area.

Justice Jobs and Crossroads Jobs meet for sharing in Leesburg, VA. From left: Yanci, Dick, Bob, Carol and Lisa.

Carol Smith, Executive Director at Crossroads Jobs, started our visit with a tour of their attractive office space. Carol, Yanci and Lisa then took three hours of their time to talk with Bob and Dick about their collective experience going back to 2012. They shared tips and strategies for serving applicants better, advice on how to build better connections with other nonprofits and employers, ideas for improving workshop content and formats, and experience on what works (and perhaps more importantly, what doesn't!). Bob and Dick returned to Frederick with a clearer vision for Justice Jobs and a richer sense of how to help people get that job, keep that job, get good references, and move up to better jobs!

Justice Jobs is indebted to Crossroads Jobs for the time they spent with us this morning. Thank you, Carol, Yanci and Lisa!

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