• Bob Clegg

New Cohorts, New Applicants, New Hope

The Justice Jobs applicant training and placement program is chugging along, with two new cohorts and six new hires in the past six weeks. This makes a total of 21 hires since we opened in August 2018, all of whom are still employed with the original employer or have moved up to better jobs. In addition, four applicants are now in the interviewing process, and the next cohort starts April 15.

Justice Jobs is grateful for all the community support from other nonprofits and donors, but especially for the involvement and dedication of the applicants who have gone through our program. Kudos! to everyone!

A quick photo gallery of some of the activity at Justice Jobs over the past six weeks is shown below.

On March 4 and 11, the good people at Scott Key Center (Maya Akhtar, Jeffrey Lambright, and Shawn Dennison (facing camera from side of table above) led Move-UP Dinner programs on the "Discovery Process." This is a group approach to helping each other discover skills, strengths and possible job areas that would not have occurred to us on our own. We are now using the Discovery Process in the final workshop for each applicant cohort, as it helps greatly with job interview options.

On March 31, the used book sale (pictured above) at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick (UUCF) donated over two dozen books about recovery, reentry, and other relevant topics to Justice Jobs' lending library. On March 17, UUCF also held a Split Plate offering with Justice Jobs as the beneficiary, resulting in a $1092.87 aggregate gift to Justice Jobs. Thanks, UUCF!!!

Cohort 13 at Justice Jobs (above), along with several volunteers (Patricia C. and Diane C.). The current cohort has now completed the applicant training workshops and has moved into applying for jobs and getting interviews.

Josh and Doug (center and right), applicants in our current cohort, with Dick Gilliam, Justice Jobs volunteer, outside the Justice Jobs office. Josh and Doug are now interviewing for jobs.

This is the view from our office door one fine spring morning.... Here, you're looking across the multipurpose room at Centennial Memorial, where Justice Jobs rents space. In this picture, the stained glass windows are backlit from the outside, creating an other-worldly effect. Centennial Memorial is reimagining their "business model" as a community service center housing not only Justice Jobs but several other vibrant nonprofits that serve Frederick in diverse ways. We are truly fortunate to have been invited to partner with Centennial Memorial!

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