• Bob Clegg

Justice Jobs Monthly Dinner: Chili, Chili, and Economic Justice!

On November 29, 2018, we held our Third Monthly Spaghetti Dinner for Justice Jobs Training Program graduates. And what could be more appropriate for a Spaghetti Dinner on a cold November night but... Chili!!!

Chef Connie made two kinds of chili, and we had a "chili cook-off," with the most votes going, of course, to the meat chili. (The veggie version had better spices, if you ask me, but then, nobody asked me, lol!)

Darrick Bowens, CPA from Colbert/Ball Tax Service in Frederick, gave an excellent workshop about "Learning the Art of the Money Game," and our graduates peppered him with questions for well over an hour! All agreed in asking for more top-quality presentations in the future on financial literacy topics.

Darrick Bowens, CPA (top center) and Mynell Bowie (second from right) discuss the ins and outs of personal finance at our November Chili Dinner for JJ graduates.

Monthly Dinners are an activity of Justice Jobs' Move-UP Program, which aims to help new employees keep their jobs, get good references, and move up to better jobs. The immediate goal is a livable wage, and the long-term goal is moving up to the middle class. Justice Jobs' Move-UP Program is one of only a few job retention services in Frederick County.

The December Monthly Dinner will feature Chef Connie's Legendary Lasagna, plus Shawn Dennison and his fellow job developers from the Scott Key Center, who will give a workshop in December using their Discovery Process that helps people figure out what they really want to do for a career. You can join the Move-UP Program by going through Justice Jobs' Applicant Training Program or by obtaining a corporate or nonprofit sponsor. Call the Justice Jobs office at (301) 360-3503 for more information.

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