• Bob Clegg

Justice Isn't a Ten-Dollar Job

Recently a social action group at a local Catholic church invited me to visit and tell them about Justice Jobs. In our Q&A time, one gentleman asked a wonderful question: "If you're helping people get mostly entry-level jobs, at or close to minimum wage, then where's the 'justice' in that?"

Rico, one of our first applicants, started on a warehouse dock at several dollars above minimum wage. He has since had two significant raises and is up for promotion to assistant supervisor! Congratulations, Rico!

He's exactly right! If all Justice Jobs did was to help people get ten-dollar jobs, I'd quit today. Fortunately, Justice Jobs is about much more than that! At the bottom line, Justice Jobs is about economic justice. "Justice" means "fairness." We believe everyone has the right to be treated fairly in our country's economic system.

So an entry-level job is just a start. When our applicants get hired, we invite them to stay with us in our Move-UP program. There, they network with peers, meet monthly for dinners and transformative programs, and visit the office to learn about cross-training and move-up jobs. Move-UP's goal is a livable wage within six months, and joining the middle class -- with the ability to save wealth -- in the long term.

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