• Bob Clegg

Get a Job, Keep that Job, Get Good References, and Move Up to Better Jobs!

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Welcome to Justice Jobs' blog, where we'll post frequently to keep you abreast of Frederick's free jobs office and job retention service.

This morning, Justice Jobs started workshops for our 8th (eighth!) applicant cohort. We are thrilled to welcome five earnest, excited, energetic applicants to this cohort!

Time and again, applicants come back to tell us, "Because of your workshops, I'm really confident when I interview!" One applicant's supervisor says they started him at $17 instead of $15 because, "You interviewed so well, we didn't want to lose you to somebody else."

Dick Gilliam, Justice Jobs volunteer and program manager, leads our current applicants in workshop #1 of 4. The workshops include a discovery process that culminates in an "elevator pitch" adaptable to any job opportunity. The workshops also help applicants anticipate and answer common interview questions authentically -- based on their own experiences.

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