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Employees Share Their JJ Stories on WDVM, Frederick News Post, and Frederick Magazine

Recently, Justice Jobs graduates have freely shared their stories in several media pieces about our program.

Ron Beasley, a JJ grad now working at Serendipity Market in Frederick, shared his experience with the Justice Jobs program in a January 24 article in the Frederick News Post titled, “Local group helps formerly incarcerated find work and stability.” You can read the article online at https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/crime_and_justice/local-group-helps-formerly-incarcerated-find-work-and-stability/article_5874bbc0-20b5-55bb-b8f2-d011c471d35e.html

Rico Pimbl (now a manager trainee in Aberdeen), Natasha Hamlette (a front desk manager at a prime local hotel), and Ron all shared their stories with Kate McDermott in an article in Frederick Magazine, February 2019, pp 90-96. Check back here soon for a link to an electronic copy of that story. (The pics are great!)

And Stacy Mowery and Jeremy Castillo shared their stories with reporter Jasmine Pelaez on Hagerstown's WDVM News on February 20. Stacy now works at Gale Recovery and Giant Eagle, and Jeremy works for Alderman Ben McShane at Principled Construction Company. You can view the story here: https://www.localdvm.com/news/i-270/new-frederick-non-profit-is-giving-dozens-a-second-chance-to-land-a-job/1791747486.

We are immensely proud of Ron, Natasha, Rico, Stacy, Jeremy for serving as such capable ambassadors for Justice Jobs! By sharing their experience, they are helping attract other applicants who can grow through our program.

Screenshot of Stacy sharing on WDVM about Justice Jobs' workshops helped her interviewing skills. View the 3-minute clip at https://www.localdvm.com/news/i-270/new-frederick-non-profit-is-giving-dozens-a-second-chance-to-land-a-job/1791747486.

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