Applicant Training Program

Justice Jobs' applicant placement process starts with an five-day program in interview skills, conflict management, and resume production.  Our applicants say this is the best program they've ever had to prepare them for job interviews!


To join, just show up at an orientation shown on the calendar.  You don't need to preregister.

Job Placement Program


By the second week, you are working 1:1 with a volunteer to complete job applications for recently posted jobs that you qualify for and are interested in working at. 


When you apply, we call up the employer, tell them about our good experience with you, and ask them to bring your resume to the top of their stack. Our applicants often get interviews in just a few applications, and they usually get a job in the first one to five interviews.

Move-UP Program


After you're hired, you're invited to join our Move-UP program, with regular gatherings that help you keep that job, get good references, and move up to a better job!

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