• Our Aftercare/Move-UP Program helps people keep that job, get good references, and move up to better jobs.  

    • At spaghetti and chili dinners, you can network about move-up jobs and learn through presentations and workshops. 

    • Past workshops have featured the United Way Prosperity Center, Good Samaritan Associates, and a local CPA whose topic was "Winning at the Money Game."

    • People hired through our office are always welcome later on for counseling and to research cross-training and "move-up" job opportunities.

Some facts about Justice Jobs:

  • 54 applicants have gotten jobs through Justice Jobs since we opened in August, 2018.  Seven of them got jobs in February 2020!

  • 78% of our applicants were still employed or had moved up six months after hiring.

  • Some applicants have been promoted to supervisor or manager.  One is a warehouse manager for Aldi's.  Another works full-time as an alcoholism-drug abuse counselor.  Another is a mortgage loan specialist.

  • Most people hired through Justice Jobs now work at places like Dairy Maid Dairy, Home Goods, Common Market Coop, Gale Recovery, Serendipity Market, Principled Construction, Frederick County Public Schools, and the Frederick Hilton.

  • Justice Jobs needs volunteers.  To learn how you can help, please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.