Donate Now!

Since April, 2018, Justice Jobs' supporters have provided over $20,000 in financial contributions and in-kind donations.  These kind supporters include private citizens in Frederick, our board members, and local churches, businesses and other non-profits. 

Justice Jobs has two characteristics which make it a needed service in Frederick City and Frederick County:

  • We help people who are among the hardest to serve, because we pair applicants 1:1 with volunteers wherever focused attention can improve outcomes.

  • Our job retention program promotes long-term upward economic mobility.

By occupying those niches, Justice Jobs fills needed gaps.  We are now applying for grants from private foundations and the public sector.  We believe grant support will make Justice Jobs permanently sustainable.

Until then, we are a fully volunteer organization.  Your continued support in time, money, or in-kind contributions is vital to Justice Jobs' ability to continue to provide these services.  Please consider a monetary or in-kind donation consistent with your ability to give.

"What will my donation provide?"


$25      Workshop training materials for the four-workshop series for a cohort of three applicants

$100    Dinner and program for one Move-UP Monthly Dinner for eight placed employees

$250    One-month bus passes to transport five applicants through the training program and job search, and to and from work -- until their first paycheck

$600    One month's rent for Justice Jobs' office and the meeting space where applicants are trained 

$1200  Continuing financial support for Justice Jobs at a contribution rate of $100/month for one year

$5000  Approximate expenses for all Justice Jobs training, placement, and Move-UP programs for four months


In-kind contributions are gratefully received and acknowledged.  In-kind contributions include goods or services that Justice Jobs can use directly or through resale.  Please email for more information.

Justice Jobs of Maryland, Inc. is approved by the IRS and Maryland SDAT as a tax exempt charitable organizations.  View our Letter of Determination and 990-N here.  All contribtutions are fully tax deductible. 

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