About Justice Jobs

Justice Jobs is a nonprofit employment office and job retention program In July, 2018, we opened a jobs office in downtown Frederick that is free to both applicants and employers.  Our office is in the small business incubator in the ROOT building at 118 N. Market St., Frederick, MD.


Patterned after the professional recruiter model, our Applicant Training & Placement Program serves people who are reentering the workforce, as well as local employers primarily in the service industries. 

Justice Jobs is patterned after Jubilee Jobs of Washington, D.C., which has helped over 19,000 people get jobs since 1981.  Similar nonprofit jobs offices in Leesburg, VA and Lexington, KY have proven the model works in cities similar to Frederick.  Our executive director volunteered at Jubilee Jobs from 2016-18 and trained in their National Training Program in 2017.  Justice Jobs is grateful to Jubilee Jobs for their guidance and support.

Recently we started our second program, the Aftercare/Move-UP Program, which aims to mentor people who have just gotten a job, helping them to keep that job, get good references, and move up to better jobs.  The ultimate goal is helping applicants and their families move beyond subsistence living, through the ALICE level, and into financial security.